Mr. Daniel McDonald Jr.


Mr. Daniel J. McDonald Jr. joined the Potomac Foundation board in 2012. He is the son of one of its original founders, the late Dr. Daniel F. McDonald.

Mr. McDonald is a Silicon Valley veteran with over 20 years of experience in high-tech product development, manufacturing, and marketing. He has held engineering and product management positions at Applied Materials, LSI Logic, C-Cube Microsystems, Divicom, and Starsight Telecast.

Mr. McDonald founded ECR, Inc., an early developer of embedded systems for hand-held computers. Subsequently acquired by its manufacturing partner, ECR’s technology helped set the stage for the next generation of mobile computing products now ubiquitous in the home and workplace. He later served as Vice President at OWL Partners, a New York-based acquisitions and private placement firm, where he provided expertise on new product development, transition to manufacturing, and operations for emerging technology firms.

Mr. McDonald’s current focus is dedicated to the field of education. He is advising clients on learning effectiveness measurements, new teaching tools and paradigms, and meaningful academic success within the construct of a balanced and character-building life.

Career Highlights


High-Tech Development


Mr. McDonald received his BS in Management Science and Engineering, and his MS in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University.